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CNS Direct Personalized Gifts offers hundreds of personalized and engraved gift ideas for every occasion.  Select from unique personalized gift ideas for weddings, graduations, retirement, and births, as well as seasonal and annual occasions like Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's and Father's Day, Birth Days, spring break, and summer vacation.
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CNS Direct Personalized Gifts offers hundreds of personalized and engraved gift ideas for everyone on your gift list.  We feature personalized gifts and engraved gifts for your bridesmaids, groomsmen, and your entire wedding party, gifts for your entire family, your co-workers, friends, classmates, and personalized gifts for newborns.
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Helpful Hints for Roman Monogram
(Uses letters from the Four Line Roman letter style)
  • Initial monograms are normally engraved with the Last initial in the center, the first initial on the left of it and the middle initial on the right. For example: if the name were "Samuel Mathew Adams" your inscription would be entered as SAM.  Your monogram will be engraved exactly in the order you specify in the inscription field for the item.
  • Roman Monograms are large; they require two lines to engrave.
  • Dates can be engraved under your Roman Monogram if room is available, but ONLY when the engraving area for the item allows for the additional engraving (typically an item with 3 or more lines of engraving space).  The date is normally engraved in Four Line Roman.  This choice is only available on items with three or more lines of space to engrave.
  • Roman Monograms look best engraved of items for men, on larger items, flasks, money clips, some keepsake boxes and some key rings.

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